Mentoring Program

Mentoring Opportunities and References

The Club’s Mentoring Program was begun in 2015 when a survey of members revealed that while they enjoyed and learned from the presenters at the Club’s monthly meeting, many members wanted additional education and training on specific topics related to photography.

Based on that survey and other follow-up surveys, the Club continues to develop ways and research resources for our members to further their photography skills. We are targeting beginning and intermediate-skilled photographers emphasizing camera and lens basics, basic workflow (image transfer, cataloging and tracking images), and basic post-processing. Additionally, for photographers of all skill levels we are focusing on specialized areas of photography such as landscape, architecture, portraits, sports, wildlife, natural lighting, street shots, HDR, macro, travel, night photography, etc.

All of the mentors are Club members who volunteer their skills and time to lead presentations and workshops or one on one mentoring. We have also researched and developed relationships with professionals for attending their webinars and workshops at no or little cost to our members. This includes a members only online library for your perusal.

Evaluations of the mentoring sessions have been very positive and the members continue to request that this program be continued as an on-going activity for the foreseeable future.

The Mentoring Program will continue to evolve based on the needs and interests of Club members as revealed in annual surveys.

Glossary of Terminology
A very complete glossary of terms. Access Here.

ASP Educational Associate Thesis
Bob Coates on vocabulary for better photgraphy. Access Here.

Help With Photoshop
This SCC intermediate member is volunteering to assist you via one on one Zoom sessions to increase your knowledge on Photoshop’s layers, raster images, smart objects, selections, filters, and text. Register Here To Attend

Help with Composition, Camera Setup, The Exposure, Aperture, ISO Triangle, Layers and Masks in Photoshop
This SCC advanced member is volunteering to assist you via one on one Zoom sessions to increase your skills.

SCC Judging Rubric
The SCC rubric used by our judges to critique photos in our monthly competitions Access here

12 Elements of Success for Images
12 Elements of Success for Images Access Here

A Fresh Look at the 12 Elements of Success for Images. 
PC Magazines article on the 12 Elements of Success for Images. Access Here.

Muench University
Muench University is a facebook page that provides webinars and weekly photography challenges. Access here

Photography Tutorials by Muench
Improve your photography with our free library of downloadable PDF tutorials on everything from Night Sky, to Lightroom, Landscape, Cultural Imagery, and everything in between. We update this section frequently. Do not forget to check back often. Register Here To Attend.

Photo Tips by Woody Walters
Woody has a great website providing tips to his creative use of photoshop he has nicknamed photo candy. Access here

Kelby One
Learn Photography, Lightroom & Photoshop online. Access 800+ classes. Membership required. Register Access here.

Santa Fe Workshops
Mission Statement: Santa Fe Workshops 30 year legacy has made it the Leading Experiential Photographic Workshop and Writers Lab in the U.S. The Workshops are more than a place to learn, you are among those who share your passion for creativity. There is a community built within each workshop, a place that allows you to learn not only from our professionals but also your peers.

We offer world-renowned Professional Photographers and Pulitzer Prize Winning Writers both in the U.S. and abroad. Our reputation has been built upon a foundation of creativity and community for individuals of all levels.

Our commitment to providing supportive and inspirational workshops for all set us apart and has been instrumental in building and strengthening our reputation in the Photographic and Writing communities in Santa Fe and around the world. Access here

Backcountry Gallery
In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started – or to get better – at bird in flight photography. From the best shutter speeds and F/stops, to the best backgrounds, what to look for when searching for birds, how to nail takeoffshots, the best autofocussettings, the smartest metering modes, easy tracking technique and more.
Access here.

NIK Collection by DxO
NEW NIK COLLECTION 3 BY DxO The world’s most exciting suite of creative photo plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic just got better than ever with brilliant time-saving features. Plus Webinars and Tutorials. With 55 creative filters and 20 image recipes, Color Efex Pro injects color and atmosphere into your photos. Each filter includes up to six editing variations to produce an effect as individual as you are. Access here.

Sean Bagshaw
Sean makes polished, helpful, articulate tutorials TK Panels and other post-processing software. Sean’s tutorials are usually oriented for landscape photography. He offers both free and for purchase tutorials. Access here.

700 Photography Courses. First month free Access here.

BH Photography
Photography and Videography training videos Access here.

42 West
Photography, Videography, Audio, Tech and Accessories. Many How To Videos Access here.