Pictures were taken in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia during and after a photography workshop that covered urban photography. Click on Vancouver in the sidebar to the right to see a slide show of photographs from Vancouver


Rick Hulbert was very generous with sharing his well studied and considerable knowledge of photography including high definition photography, long exposure photography, manipulation of histograms, street photography, architectural photography, the science behind photography and everything Lightroom. He really cared that the students come away with a much better grasp of this art form and the methodology involved in creating gripping photographs.


  • Trip to Granville Island that has one of the largest indoor markets in the world
  • Photographing at sunset of the skyline from Stanley Park across the bay
  • Trip up Stroud Mountain to see an outdoor bird show
  • Attending many fun dinners with the ISAC scientists and their spouses

The City of Vancouver

Vancouver is the warmest city in Canada. There are hundreds of skyscaper glass towers which are mostly residenttial. Old buildings are being torn down on almost every street to accommodate new ones.Vancouver has the highest population density in Canada with over 5,400 people per square kilometre. There are orcas that can be seen during day long boat trips.Vancouver hosted the 2010 winter Olympics.