These photographs were taken during a trip to Paris. We visited in the spring of 2018. The leaves were all the way out on many of the trees and the cherry tree blossoms were beautiful. It was fun to walk and explore especially in the Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens.


Our hotel was across the cobblestone street from the Pantheon. We had a lovely view of it at night.


  • Place de Concorde
  • Day trip to Monet's house and gardens
  • Enjoying the culinary treats of tiny restaurants in old buildings
  • Visiting the D'Orsay museum again.

Sainte Chapelle

is a 13th-century Gothic chapel on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. It was built by Louis IX for use as his royal chapel.Sainte-Chapelle was founded by the ultra-devout King Louis IX of France, who constructed it as a chapel for the royal palace and to house precious relics. The palace itself has otherwise utterly disappeared, leaving the Sainte-Chapelle all but surrounded by the Palais de Justice. The chapel has the most beautiful stained glass windows that I have ever seen.