Pictures were taken during a National Geographic sponsored trip to the Galapagos Islands on a small ship with only 40 passengers on board. The landscapes and wildlife seen were absolutely incredible.


The Galapagos Islands are strange and wonderful, magical and mysterious. The area is where Charles Darwin studied the wildlife for his evolution of the species experiments. The Galapagos were the first UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Expeditions were timed for the best lighting conditions
  • We boarded zodiaks which held only 8 people to get up close to the wildlife
  • Hikes to beautiful landscapes and interesting flora and fauna
  • We snorkeled, kayaked and experienced the yacht-scaled National Geographic Islander

Frigate Bird Mating Process.

Frigatebird males inflate red throat (gular) pouches and drum on them with their clacking bills in the presence of females to attract them during mating season. The females will then choose a suitable male and land next to him. The male responds by spreading his huge wings around the female to protect her from other males. It takes twenty minutes for the pouches to deflate.